Tulsa Area Voter’s Guide

This Voters’ Guide is published by the League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa. The League has a long tradition of publishing the verbatim responses of candidates to questions important to voters. The League offers this Voter Guide to help citizens make informed decisions at the polls.

The League of Women Voters never supports or opposes any candidate.


From Voter ID Information to learning how to receive guaranteed time off work to vote, we have all the information you need.

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Haven't picked up your copy of the annual Tulsa Area Voter's Guide? It is available at all Public Libraries and you may download it here.

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Year In and Year Out

For nearly a century, the women and men of the League of Women Voters have committed themselves to providing facts and hosting public meetings to help voters make their own decisions. As one of the oldest and most respected volunteer-led, nonpartisan organizations in the nation, our goals have always been to widen democratic participation and encourage fully researched, fact-based decision-making in public policy.

We believe that when informed citizens take part in our democracy, better solutions result.

Hillary Clinton (D)
Gary Johnson (L)
Donald Trump (R)

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Mike Workman (D)
James Lankford (R)
Robert T. Murphy (L)
Mark T. Beard (Ind)
Sean Braddy (Ind)

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OK Senate District 25
Robert Founds (D)
Joe Newhouse (R)

OK Senate District 33
Nathan Dahm (R)
Kimberly Fobbs (D)

OK Senate District 35
Frank Grove (L)
Gary Stanislawski (R)

OK Senate District 37
Shawn W. Ketcher (Ind)
Dan Newberry (R)
Lloyd W. Snow (D)

OK Senate District 39

Dave Rader (R)
John Waldron (D)

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OK House District 16
Scott Fetgatter (R)
Ronnie Kell (D)

OK House District 23
Terry O’Donnell (R)
Keith Welch Sr (D)

OK House District 29
Macy Gleason (D)
Kyle Hilbert (R)

OK House District 36
Sean Roberts (R)
Cathy Ross (D)

OK House District 66
Jadine Nollan (R)
Dianna Phillips (D)

OK House District 67
Zac Davis (L)
Scott McEachin (R)
Lori Decter Wright (D)

OK House District 69
Chuck Strohm (R)
Paul Sullivan (D)

OK House District 70
Carol Bush (R)
Joe Jennings (D)
Tamara Morton (L)

OK House District 71
Katie Henke (R)
Millie Hardesty York (D)

OK House District 73
Leland Cole (R)
Regina Goodwin (D)

OK House District 74
Dale Derby (R)
Jeri Moberly (D)

OK House District 75
Karen Gaddis (D)
Dan Kirby (R)

OK House District 76
David Brumbaugh (R)
Glenda K Puett (D)

OK House District 78
Eugene Bell (L)
Meloyde Blancett (D)
Molly McKay (R)

OK House District 79
Teresa Marler (Ind)
Weldon Watson (R)

OK House District 80
Tom Bates (D)
Mike Ritze (R)

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Tulsa County Sheriff
Rex Berry (D)
Vic Regalado (R)

Tulsa County Commissioner District 2
Karen Keith (D)
Josh Turley (R)

Tulsa County Court Clerk
John Andrew (D)
Donald Newberry (R)

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OK Supreme Court
Chief Justice Douglas L. Combs
Justice James R. Winchester

OK Court of Criminal Appeals
Judge Robert L. Hudson
Judge Clancy Smith

OK Court of Civil Appeals
Judge John Fischer
Judge Larry E. Joplin
Judge P. Thomas Thornbrugh

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Tulsa City Council District 1
Vanessa Hall-Harper
Jack Henderson

Tulsa City Council District 2
Jeannie Cue
Aaron Bisogno

Tulsa City Council District 9

Ben Kimbro
Eric McCray

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State Questions

Seven state questions will appear on the ballot but are not covered in this guide. For comprehensive information about the state questions you may consult The Oklahoma Voter Guide at any public library in Tulsa County.

The League of Women Voters of Oklahoma has studied each of the questions. Its Board of Directors voted to take a position on five of the seven state questions, and to remain neutral on two. You can look at their positions by following the link below.